Everybody Knows

Words and Music by Jeffrey Skinner

Copyright 2022 - Vollmond Music


Vs 1

Everybody knows that Daddy is a fool

Drinks whiskey from the bottle

Out beside the pool

See him in the sunrise

Passed out on the lawn

Guess the word is out

And everybody knows

Vs 2

Everybody knows

That Mama's lost her mind

She'd always been a lady

So cool and so refined

Then she bought an alligator

Takes it everywhere she goes

Guess it's fair to say

That everybody knows


Everybody knows that Daddy is a fool. Everybody. And everybody has to deal with the pain of living with their own dysfunctional family. These people just figured out how to get paid for it. Well done I say!


My sister's in the army

She's gone to fight the war

My brother weighs 300 pounds

And wears a girly bra

My Grandpa is a bigot

My cousin peddles crack

My best friend joined the moonies

Why is everyone so whack?

Vs 3

Yes and everybody knows

My family is insane

I've done my best to keep it

From going down the drain

Man I wish that we was normal

But that don't make it so

So I guess I'd better face it

Cause everybody knows

Vs 4

Well for sure the cat's out of the bag this time

And I'm just wasting my time

Trying to keep it under wraps

Cause everybody

Everybody knows

It's all around the block

And everybody knows

Vs 5

And you say I'm the sane one here?


Think of that!

Ah man, what a family

Good God!