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I'll have what he had!

Some of my best, 1985-2019

The presentation of these songs is 90% me, writing, arranging and playing. Beyond that I would be remiss not to acknowledge the important contributions of two other musicians: 


Christopher James Hall played excellent pedal steel on several tracks, but his influence on the outcome goes far beyond that. He is the voice in my head when I listen to playback. We’ve been close friends and partners in crime for more than 50 years. I wouldn’t and couldn’t have done any of this without him.

Michael Fonfara, who died last year, was the best damned player I ever had the privilege of working with. You can hear him on several tracks playing piano, electric piano and most important, organ, of which he was the perfect master. My parts were labored over for days or months. Michael just came in and played, no preparation, and elevated the tracks immeasurably. He is greatly missed.