John of Liverpool

Words and Music by Jeffrey Skinner

Copyright 2022 = Vollmond Music


Vs 1

He was christened in the Mersey

Guess there must have been a plan

But to this day, no one knows

How this boy became the man

Who really understands?

Vs 2

Then he sweated in a Cavern

Took on Hamburg town

But when he flew into Idlewild

Turned the world around

Tore Manhattan down


And he was invincible

Flew above the rules

And all the children screaming

For John of Liverpool

John of Liverpool


On December 8, 1980, I was in a recording studio in Toronto, and I was annoyed that the guitar I had borrowed for the session wouldn't stay in tune. I was about to start a take when the engineer called me into the control room. When he told us all what had happened, we packed it in for the day. Nobody had the heart to continue. Lennon was a hero to me growing up. Sad, sad day.

Vs 3

But a spectre followed him

Just behind the beat

And there was blood on the pavement

Up at 72nd street

But this story's not complete


Yeah he was impossible

Great hearted fool

Now and forever

He'll be John of Liverpool

Saint John of Liverpool

John lives!