The Case

Words and Music by Jeffrey Skinner


Copyright 2022 = Vollmond Music

Vs 1

Was a Friday night

At the Golden Jade

Lei Min and Hill

The house of blades

Then a symphony of sirens

A full blown code three

There were bleedin' bodies everywhere

But no one saw nothing

That's the way this story dangles

Lots of funny angles

To The Case

Vs 2

And the word came down

From Parker Center

Leave no stone unturned

But knock before you enter

Got some friends in Bel Air

Who want this handled with discretion

Yeah, discretion!

It's the same old story

Brand new cover

LAPD stands around

Staring at the ground

When you mention

The Case


In the Noir universe it's forever 1952 and somewhere out along Sunset Boulevard, Marlowe is still on The Case. I find that comforting.

Ch 2

From a grand a crack

To a penny a pop

Big stake or small

Cause the fix is in 

Like its always been

And when the ball falls 

Gonna fall for the house

Ch 1

And from Griffith Park

To Malibu

From Pomona

Up to Paramount

We don't want no surpises

And the moon also rises

Over Silver Lake


VS 3

Yeah I'm big

And I'm fast

And I'm tough

I'm all covered with studs

And this job keeps getting bigger

Pay stays about the same 

Yeah but leave it all to Reilly

The big man so wise

No bonus 

No commision

No medal

For working The Case

Vs 4


At the front door

Sucker stampede

They just keep coming back

To feed

The beast

And whatever you desire

The DA don't mind

Suits him just fine

Well I just want my gun back
And hey!
Am I still on The Case?