Foreigner Blues 


(Travellin' Shoes)

Words and Music by Jeffrey Skinner

Copyright 2022 - Vollmond Music

Vs 1

I am a lonesome foreigner

Livin' in America
Branded with the stain of a stranger

Been tryin' to keep my profile low

Shut my face and hoe my row

One eye out for God and Texas Rangers

In the year that Dubya ran for re election

He adressed the plebes at Colorado Springs

He said those Arabs hate our freedom

Now justice must be done

Christian patriots and airmen

Take revenge for 911

My dad and me are pilots just like you!

I started looking for my travellin' shoes

Don't panic yet, just check the exits.

Vs 2

Now I look for clues to understand

The mysteries of this promised land

Surf the WEB all night in my vexation

But with all the rage and rancor

Toward the oilmen and the bankers

People seem to think they need deregulation

And I've been listening to that all night radio

All the shock jocks think they've got it figured out

They say we know Obama's secret

He's a foreigner for sure

That faggot Barney Frank

Molests the kid next door

The Chinese stole our country while we snoozed!

I'm lookin' sideways at my travellin' shoes

foreigner 1.png

Since I wrote this song I have become an American citizen. The anxiety I expressed in these lyrics is ridiculous on the face of it. After all, the class of immigrant LEAST vulnerable to the xenophobic strain in American culture is the white Anglo-Canadian. That's me.  Even so, I'm glad to be still and forever a Canuck. The Peace Bridge is always there if things get too weird. 


Vs 3

Fox in the hen house!

Scream bloody Murdoch!

Now every night of late

I wake up screamin'

And every night the dream is just same

I'm drinkin' at a road house in Texas

I drove all day I'm dry as the Mojave

Then waitress brings my order

And by God it's Sarah Palin

Dick Cheney is the barman

He packs a sawed off shotgun

And risin' up behind him




The ghost of Ronald Reagan

Says "It's morning in America

But it's closin' time for you boy

Got no more time for

Foreign trash like you!

I think you'd best put on your travellin' shoes"

Travellin Shoes

I'm on my way

Back where I belong

Peace Bridge here I come!