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Waitin' For my Ride

Words and Music by Jeffrey Skinner

Copyright 2022 = Vollmond Music


To watch it break at Peahi

Take Hana Road to Pilale

But the set today

Is a kiddy slide

So I'll bide my time

Waitin' for my ride

And I'm waitin'

For my ride

Waitin for my ride

Forget the boys in the barnyard

Any chop'll do

For those clowns

I've got a dream

That's beyond

All those little men

And their little runs

Ride Honalua 

Keep my toes wet

But in my dreams

Watch it break

A hundred feet and more

So I wait

So I wait

For that big ride

When the swell is low

The dude abides

All those small faces

Passin' me by

Keep your little waves

I'll be waitin' for my ride


I've always admired elite athletes but haven't a shred of athletic talent. Perhaps in some other life that'll change and I can join the brotherhood of big wave surfers. Till that day I'll be waitin'...

Vs 4

And one bright day

Come that last set

Risin' up

From the sea 

To wash this world away

Till that day


I'll be waitin' for my ride

Waitin' for

Waitin' for my ride

And I'm waitin' for

For my ride

Oh yeah

Waitin' for my ride