On a Summer Night

Words and Music by Jeffrey Skinner

Copyright 2022 = Vollmond Music


Vs 1

On a summer night

So long ago

We swam in pools of light

And lay in green together

And we were wandering

And wondering

And it was all so long

So long ago

Then I awoke to find you dreaming in my arms

Stay baby stay with me tonight

That summer night

So long

So long ago

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From shimmering sea to mountaintop

I wander but I can't find my way home

No way home

Vs 2

And I guess that we

Weren't meant to last

Lovers in a memory

Forever strange, and new

And I'm lost to you

Like you're lost to me

And I'm up here on this ledge

Trying to find my way back down


See the autumn light

On yellow leaves

In the forest bare

Cross empty squares

Remembering, remembering

That summer night

From city street to village green

I feel you passing but you slip on by

You slip away

Slip away

A lot of people wax romantic about the experience of being in love. As I recall it, the euphoria was extreme but short-lived. The aftermath wasn't pretty and lasted much, much longer. Maybe it should be listed in the DSM as some kind of psychosis. It sure makes people crazy.



Hey what you gonna do when the time don't pass?

Do you keep on dreamin' of the day that you're

Free at last?

Free at last!

Of those memories, shining memories,

Poison memories



Of a summer night
So long ago

So long
So long