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Ch 1

Safe at Home

Words and Music by Jeffrey Skinner

Copyright 2022 = Vollmond Music

Southern Indiana in September

Is hotter than Atlanta in July

And the road past Terre Haute

Winds through cornfields

The birds rise up and circle cross the sky

The town where I was born lies in tatters

The dead and dieing linger on the square

Where they nod in dreams

Of full court press and fast breaks

I just come back to see my family

And they're safe at home

When I drop by

No I can't stay

Not this time

But I'll sit down

It's all so still

Here on this hill

Feels like forever

cornfield ill.jpg

I've only been in Indiana once, in the town of Princeton, for the interment of my father-in-law. It felt familiar, like rural Southern Ontario, from where my family originates, except for one thing: They are totally crazy for basketball down there. Forget about red versus blue, that's insignificant compared to State versus Notre Dame. 


Ch 2



Safe at home

When I arrive

In fields of green

Down under stone

They'll be row on row

Till judgement day

Coming home

Feels like forever

Feels like forever

Feels like forever

Safe at home