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DEA Blues

Words and Music by Jeffrey Skinner

Copyright 2022 - Vollmond Music

Last night I heard this crap on the TV

Some liberal, cryin' in his Latte

He said the war on drugs is a failure

That's just a lie, y'all listen what I say

Escobar was a high rollin' drug lord

Boss of the Medellin cartel

DEA shut down that Bogata pipeline

Special forces blew fat Pablo straight to hell

(Say good night to the bad man!)

Now you won't find coke in Miami

And you can't score crack in LA

You can't buy no blow in New York City

There ain't no more dope in the USA 

And theTaliban hosted Bin Laden

Till we whipped their ass in the Afghan war

Now the cowards have all fled

Cross the border

And they can't grow poppies any more

(Got 'em right where we want 'em!)


This songs employs a device known as the "unreliable narrator", something I learned from Randy Newman, an American national treasure and a master of this technique. In this instance singer believes so fervently in the righteousness of the drug war that he ignores overwhelming evidence that it's a debacle and declares victory prematurely. ("There ain't no more dope in the USA.")

Damn it, DON'T confuse me with facts! 

Now you can't score smack in Atlanta

And you can't cop junk in Santa Fe

You can't find a fix in Frisco

There ain't no more dope in the USA


Yes and Canada used to be our ally

Fought beside us in many a foreign war

But now that they've gone soft on Marijujana

Gotta shut 'em down,

That's what that border's for

(Who's your daddy now?)

Ch 3

Now you can't score pot up in Portland

You can't buy no bud in San Jose

You can't score no smoke in St Louis

There ain't no more dope in the USA

Just ain't no more dope in the USA

Thanks to George W Bush and the DEA